As a young aspiring musician, music was my life. I lived and breathed all kinds of music; funk, jazz, r & b, rock & roll, heavy metal, fusion, reggae and more. After the Lord saved me, my preference in music shifted towards only gospel music and as before, I lived and breathed nothing but gospel music for some time. However, as a married family man working long hours, trying to raise my daughters, maintaining the upkeep of the home, spending time with my wife and more, my musical taste began to again change.There were times when I just wanted to hear some good instrumental music. One day, while listening to some of the instrumental music I had composed, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart that there were many other family men that were just like me whom also wanted to hear some instrumental music to inspire, motivate and relax them. With this revelation in mind, I set out to record a project for other men like me. To my brothers, I pray you will enjoy ‘A Family Man’.